Rolling Admission:  

Start ANYTIME Beginning October 2, 2017.

When - Hackstudio meets once-a-week for 2 hours and runs throughout the year.

Length of the program - It's up to you! There are no official start or end dates (until summer). Start when you want. Stop when you need to. We'll just bill you monthly as long as you're enrolled.

New Parents - We run mandatory new parent orientation EVERY MONDAY so your kids can start whenever it works best for you! 

Commitment - While we have flexible start and end dates, Hackstudio is not a "drop in" program. Participants commit to a weekly scheduled day and time, like "Tuesdays at 4:30." 

Let's do this!



Available Session Days and Times:

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- Typically $180 / Month -

Register for additional weekly sessions FREE OF CHARGE.

Sign up for as many days as you want.

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Financial Assistance:


New Parents: Please click "SIGN UP" (at bottom right) to start your new account. The "LOG IN" fields are how you access your account after you're signed up.

NOTE: The person responsible for billing is the "PRIMARY CONTACT." Kids' info is entered on later screens.